Irish Drift Championship Featuring Shane Lynch DRIFTING HIS ROLLS ROYCE And Making One Of The Best Drift Ever!!! WHAT A WICKED MACHINE!

If you thought that Rolls Royce drift car is just a dream, then you have been dreaming. This is a RR drift filmed at the Irish Drift Championship that has been declared to be the best one yet from a car of this class. Being so classy and stylish this car maybe was never intended for a drift, but the driver Shane Lynch decided that he needs to make the best one and he managed to do it. Rolls Royce silver shadow is the name of the ultimate drift car that is going to rule the drift tracks in the future, winning many races to come.

The car has been modified in the US but the driver comes from Ireland and he really knows what he is doing behind the wheel. Great drifting skills shown from the driver make us think that he could drift any car that has wheels and an engine. Turning heads everywhere that it goes this will be the great car for drifting and for city driving too. The Rolls Royce drift car is the great vehicle for showing off in the city and to show what the car has you need to be able to do some crazy stuff with it too. Of course without losing control over it.

There is a large power plant under the hood that is moving this 2-ton Rolls Royce drift car. The engine is a 6.75 liter V8 style engine. It is the standard or the stock one that comes with the car. The transmission maybe is not the best one that can be fitted here. It is still the three speed automatic transmission that can be changed any time now because a manual would give more life to the engine too. Drifting with this car ensures that you will be the main guy in town, roaring with the V8 like a boss.


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