THIS IS FOR ALL THOSE DIESEL FANS OUT THERE! Is This Guy A Worthy Competitor To The Amiri King For The Throne Of Chevy Trucks!?

You all know Amiri King, the game who became an internet legend with his videos on which he is making fun of the Ford Truck owners. We know that he is special and it is hard to compare someone with him but at least we think that this guy on the video deserves to wear a T-shirt signed from him! Yeah, at least he tried to speak with the same decent vocabulary as Amiri does for his own Chevy!

We think that he has a few interesting lines and the Chevy owners will love it.

His 2006 Chevy Silverado Duramax Diesel HD isn’t improved a lot, just a matte foils on the headlights and black custom rims and lifted suspension but this guy knows how to find a detail on the truck and make it special. Yeah, like the front grill, the towing hook on the front etc.

So, what do you think, does he deserves a chance to give us his best shot? Let’s play the video bellow and enjoy in his talking! Yeah, don’t compare to Amiri King. Enjoy the video folks! After you’ve watched the video tell us does he deserve to wear an Amiri King T-shirt?


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