TUNED MONSTERS AND FURIOUS DRIFTS ALL IN ONE PLACE: It’s the Braga Drift & Tuning Motor Show 2015!!!

Do you want to meet sweet girls that like cars? Or you just want to see some unique cars? Maybe cars and girls together and in one place. It is my pleasure to present you the Braga Motor Show.

It is a drifting and tuning show and if you own a car that can drift and it is tuned, you can come here and show it to the world. This Braga show is very popular and too much people come to visit because, who doesn’t like fast and loud cars? And the girls that come to this show are pretty as well, yeah if you are a macho boy you can try and seduce one. You can park your car on the side and stand by it in order to show off.

If you are kind enough you can start the engine and rev it a little bit, for the sake of the audience. There are guys that go to the show just to watch the drifting part of the show. The drift is a nice competition where you can see the skills of the driver and the car. Check the amazing video here and enjoy it!


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