It’s THE FARM TRUCK Of The Year – Dodge Cummins Dually ROLLING MONSTROUSLY At NHRDA Texas Diesel Nationals 2015! THIS THING IS A BEAST!!!

Dodge Cummins dually that has been all setup for a race doesn’t ring like a farm truck to us. That’s why the owner of this amazing build is going to tell us all about it, what it has and how it is performing. Also there is a run that is going to smoke those specs in the air. Having the 12 valve Cummins engine under the hood we can clearly see that hardly anything is left stock on the machine. There is the 12mm injection pump as well which will be responsible for all that fuel that goes into the engine.

This Dodge Cummins has the dually rear wheels as well so there will be no problem with the grip on the track. The turbo charger setup is totally new, we didn’t even want to ask about the price that the builder has paid for it. But it is going to be all worth it when he steps on that gas pedal and launches the vehicle.

The rear wheels being dually and all required different setup for them too. So there has been a modification done on the wheel rings on the body and now it is carrying the 33 17 15s. This is a wide tire that we are talking about and it has some weight on it. The Dodge Cummins is not going to have a problem with that as it is too powerful for some tires to slow it down.

The owner had the truck for three years now and he has spent every day working on it and getting it in better shape. The best drag race time that this drag racing truck has is the 10.2 seconds in the quarter mile race. Maybe with some more work it will get under ten, we will see about that.


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