Jeff Brock Has His 1952 Buick Super Riviera Packed With The FASTEST STRAIGHT 8 ENGINE! The “BOMBSHELL BETTY” Runs 165 Mph At Bonneville!!!

The straight 8 engine was so popular back in the time and Jeff Brock is the one that still owns one. Many of the Buick lovers are going to love this ride as it has the straight eight engine which is proven to be in past time, not anymore but still the ones who have it under the hoods are still using it. This engine was the state of the art piece when it was first mounted on the 1952 Buick Super Riviera.

Jeff Brock is the one that still owns the fastest customized Buick Riviera that is coming from this date, and it still runs like crazy. What a magnificent ride this is you will see for yourself. The engine is able to push this car at 165 MPH at Bonneville which was a new world class-record holder. Today it is not so rare that a car reaches this mark but back in the days the 165 MPH number was huge and ludacris too.

Jeff Brock is a sculptor and artist too but he managed to build this ride better than the car designers would. It looks like raw steel made out car but it is better when the car looks angrier, it will give more excitement to the people around it. How smooth this straight eight engine works is just amazing, there is no shaking which can be seen and heard from the V style engines because this is a straight eight. Eight cylinders in one line connected on one crankshaft delivering power to the wheels of this amazing 1952 Buick built by a more incredible man.

Is he going to back up that record or he is just going to drive the car and car less about the record? That is what we are about to see in the video which is thrilling and enjoyable.


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