Sinister Industries Offers Unique V-Twin Parts As Well As Building Full Custom Bikes Like DIRTY MONEY. John Shope, The Owner, Does Some Crazy Trick Riding…YOU JUST GOTTA SEE IT!

The motorbikes are an addiction. All the riders know that, and they put the love on the first place instead of thinking about the risks and dangers. Here we have an amazing custom-made chopper bike. Enjoy the video!

In the beginning of the video, the chopper shows off by spitting flame from its exhausts. After that, a little trick is coming. The rider stands on the bikes seat while in movement. The back of the Dirty Money bike has 2 little doors of a free space covered with leopard platform. You can keep a small baggage there. On the front of the bike, we can see the amazing display coming out by clicking one button. It’s a cool stuff; you can actually have fun watching a film with your friend or girlfriend. The bike looks great. The front wheel is much bigger than the rear one, with good looking rim. A lot of money is invested in this bike, so the owner must be in love with it. I’m sure you will love this video, so don’t forget to leave a comment.


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