KILLER LOOKING CAB Audi RS6 DTM All-Tuned With 1,000 HP And Ready To Take Passengers! I Wonder If THE OWNER JON OLSSON Would Take A Ride?!

Sweden is a rich country and also the people who are natives there are rich as well. So they will not ride in a normal cab, like a Volkswagen or a Citroen. They want something expensive and powerful to drive them around and now they have it.

The citizens were shocked when they saw the beautiful Audi RS6 driving around as a cab. Well maybe not for everybody, but these people got lucky because the driver was the famous ski champion, Jon Olsson, offered them a ride with the powerful Audi RS6. Olsson is known to the people as a great car lover, and lover of the powerful engines, and that’s why he equipped his Audi with a massive 1,000HP engine.

It is more than enough power to pick up speed and ride like hell on the streets of Stockholm. While everybody else were waiting at the traffic lights, Olsson and his Audi RS6 were flying. You need a fast car if you want to make it on time in Sweden, That’s why Olsson got this Audi in the first place. Check out the video here:


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