KILLER LOOKING Tron Nissan GTR R35 Departing Millenia Walk In Singapore! WISH I WAS THERE To See The Beast In Person!!!

This Nissan R35 GTR may be the best looking one yet, it is up to you to judge. Here we have a video of this R35 making departure from the Millenia Walk in Singapore. This Nissan R35 GTR Tron has been in the hands of some really skilled painter, because now it looks even better than when it was new.

There is a matte black paint on the body of the car, and yellow lines on top of the color, which make the car look like a space shuttle from the Star Wars movies. Very interesting build and paint job, the audience thinks that this R35 could take the throne and become the most beautiful car ever.

There are two halogen lights mounted on the front bumper, they were on and the main headlights off, so that we see the car in whole other light there. The rims of the car are looking good too, but they have the shiny black color, not the matte one, and it is good call to go with that.

If there is matte finish on them too, there wouldn’t be no contrast and the look of the car might be ruined.


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