What to Know Before Sending Your Student to College With a Car

Being a parent of a college student doesn’t mean you stop being a parent, as you may
already know. Sending kids to college comes with a lot of preparations and talks. One of the
topics you should definitely cover before college is car ownership. It comes with a lot of
responsibility, and college students should be ready to handle these things themselves.
However, before they try, give them one last talk about maintaining a car and staying safe on
the road. Let’s see what you should know before sending a kid to college with a car.

Research college’s policy

First of all, each college has its rules on students and cars. For instance, some schools don’t
allow freshmen to have cars on campus. Others have very limited parking spots, so you
need to book spots way ahead of time. Overall, the rules differ, and you should research
them before even getting a car for your student. Lastly, find out the costs of campus parking
and any additional requirements. All this info will help you prepare and avoid many
unnecessary worries in the future.

Explore ‌insurance options

Insurance is one of the most important conversations you can have with your child. Now, you
have several options there. Of course, a student can have their own car insurance and pay
for it themselves. However, such insurance won’t always cover all necessary costs if
anything happens to the car. Your other option is to put the kid on your insurance. This
decision will also depend on your insurance policy, state, and the type of car (used or new).
Nevertheless, a discussion about insurance options should be held with insurance agents
and your child. College presents numerous gray zone situations that are best cleared
beforehand. For instance, what happens when your child carpools and gets into an accident
with other students in the car? What if a sudden dent appears while the vehicle is in the
parking lot? Such unfortunate possibilities are numerous, so you better be ready for

Schedule maintenance visits

Students are not well known for their organizational skills or ability to maintain personal
belongings. After all, they are only learning to be adults, and dealing with car maintenance
and body shops is pretty boring, to say the least. So you can help them out and schedule
several more appointments for them. Create a reminder in their calendars or give them a call
when the session approaches.
Sure, students can be very busy with their studies at the moment. However, it doesn’t mean
the car can wait another week or more. Plus, students can spend some time
on writepaperfor.me while waiting in line in the shop. This way, students don’t have to sacrifice
their school performance and receive a top-notch paper and a well-maintained car. It’s really
a win-win situation.

Consider gifting a GPS unit

How good is your kid doing with maps and orientation in new environments? If you are not
sure or the answer is not in their favor, the GPS unit is a must. Having a proper GPS gadget
in the car can do a lot of things for your student. First, they won’t have any extra reason to
look at their phones. Even if those phones are on the panel holder with a map open, they
can still get distracted by notifications. A simple GPS will not let that happen.
Plus, a smartphone can die during long school hours or else. A student needs to focus on
the road and not worry about where they are going. You don’t want them to get lost and
drive to the wrong parts of the city. So, a GPS unit may be a fine addition to your kid’s
college package.

Talk about responsibility and crime

Finally, you better have one more talk about the dangers and rules on the road. Surely, you
must have had this conversation a million times. However, going through the basics one
more time won’t hurt. So, start with rules on keeping the car safe. Remind them about the
regular checkup before each driving session. Talk about why a dashboard camera must be
on at all times. Then, proceed with car protection when they are not around. For instance, no
valuables should remain in the car, especially not in plain sight.
Lastly, speak of responsible driving. The college will come with lots of parties and social
events. Of course, drinking will be a part of it. Yes, your kid knows about not drinking and
driving. However, saying it one more time won’t hurt. Better offer them taxi money when they
can’t find their designated driver.

Final thoughts

Sending your child to college is always a stressful experience. Naturally, you worry about
them, so it’s easy to understand your endless concerns. However, you have to believe that
you’ve done everything possible to raise your kids to be smart and resourceful. These life
lessons will also help them stay away from trouble on the road and maintain their car well
and safely. However, it won’t hurt to go through all these rules and measures one more time,
just in case. Good luck!


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