Koenigsegg Agera R FLYING ON THE GERMAN AUTOBAHN With Unlimited Speed 200+ Mph!!! The Turbo Sound Is SO AWESOME!

The greatness of the Koenigsegg Agera R has been tested at the German Autobahn (Highway) and it is spectacular. The cool thing about these highways in Germany is that there is no limited speed that you can go, so whatever your car packs you can exploit it there and test it. Driving on the left lane of the highway is the best one because it is the passing lane and the other cars will steer clear from the behind approaching Koenigsegg Agera R. Nobody wants to mess with the Agera R because it is a supercar available on the market and it is a street legal car too. So testing it here is legal and everything that you see in the video is approved by the law.

There have been 18 specimens produced from 2011 to 2014 from the Agera R and only 18 people got to buy this amazing car. And only these got to drive the car, to enjoy all the power from the engine and to do tests like these to prove it. Aero exhaust is the stock one on the car and it sound so cool. There are visible carbon fiber parts on the car that add up to the look and also have a great impact on the total weight of the car.

It has raised RPM limit and now the engine’s gas will not be blocked at the middle, it can go high to the MAX and not worry about it. Having a total output power of 1140 HP it is more than enough to do what it is doing now on the unlimited speed highway in Germany.

The Koenigsegg Agera R is one of the fastest productions car in the world it is a shame that only few of them were made and sold.


2 thoughts on “Koenigsegg Agera R FLYING ON THE GERMAN AUTOBAHN With Unlimited Speed 200+ Mph!!! The Turbo Sound Is SO AWESOME!

  1. Dominique-Pascal Bruch

    Please don’t say, that there are no speedlimits on the Autobahn. I’m from germany and there are many speedlimits. On most parts there is still no limit, but there are many speedlimits.

    We don’t want foreigners think there are no limits and that they drive like total nuts in their fancy sportcars.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I hear you Dominique. I guess the guys driving these two hot cars couldn’t resist the temptation of pressing the gas pedal to the floor 😀 lol

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