LaFerrari FXXK SOUNDS LIKE A BEAST At Goodwood Festival Of Speed And LOOKS NUTS Compared To The ‘Boring’ LaFerrari Road Car!!!

The LaFerrari FXXK was captured at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was one of the best cars there for sure. This Ferrari looks so powerful, even with the sound that it makes, it leaves us speechless. There are many Ferrari fans that would give anything just to see this and not to mention what would they do to buy it. However we all know that Ferrari is really expensive car, and there are not many people that can afford to buy it.

This Ferrari is not like the other ones. It has a power of 1,035 bhp that is nearly as same as F1 cars and V12 6.3-liter engine. That is 101 bhp more than the original Ferrari. This is some of the many reasons why many people want to buy this monster. It is crazy that this car can get even faster. But, I do not think that anybody would like to upgrade the speed of FXXK.

This LaFerrari FXXK was designed by Flavio Manzoni who says that this is his favorite Ferrari of the past couple of years. He also says that the engineering effort on this car was to made it beautiful by working with the aerodynamicists. Manzoni tells us that there are always things that he would change on a car, but he thinks that they did great job with this one.


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