History Tends To Repeat: Lamborghini Aventador Hits 100MPH In London Close To 2014 Flying Aventador Crash!

Of course we cannot blame the driver, we doubt that he is the same one from last year because the Lamborghini crash hurts the pocket a lot and you need to be a complete moron to repeat the same mistake twice!

And why we cannot blame him? The Aventador is an amazing super car with addictive sound and provides an unforgettable adrenaline and he just won’t let you still and ride him with 30mph speed especially if it has Larini exhaust like our furious Aventador on the video!

The strange fact is that the both Lambos are matte black, but just this year Lambo has huge luck on Sloane Street, there was no Mazda 2 stepping into the street to interrupt his way!

Damn man, we are looking for reasons to make this Aventador driver guilty for his 100MPH pass but we can’t because if we were on his place the V12 engine from behind won’t let us still and that’s the addiction. That eargasm sound it’s just too good not to be heard all the time.

At least it warns the pedestrians and the other cars.

Play the video bellow and see the situation, if by some accident a car stepped on the street from the same place it would be a Déjà vu.

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