Lamborghini Aventador J at Geneva Motor Show! An Inside Presentation by Maurizia Reggiani – Director of Research & Development!

Those of you who are following most of the latest things and news from the famous Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Lamborghini, have probably noticed that almost on each and every significant car show, Lambo is presenting a new, more extreme model from their latest lineup. Today we are going to show you the Lamborghini Aventador J., one jaw-dropping model that was firstly unveiled during the Geneva Motorshow, in March 2012. This out-of-this-world- hypercar is one of those Lambo models that are coming with a great number of innovations and changes, which in this case, in the following video, will be presented by Lamborghini’s research and development director, Maurizia Reggiani.

The previous rumors about this awesome supercar were that this would be a conceptual model, but the plans have changed and by the time it was officially presented in Geneva, this Lambo model was fully functional car (if you want a more detailed look into it, click here). But taking into an account that this was almost three years ago, some of you probably know that even if you have the finances to own one of these babes, you should not get your hopes high because there will be only one-off unit, which is the one that you will see it in the video below.

So take this chance and get an inside view into this awesome Lamborghini Aventador J model, and enjoy it all the way.


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