Lamborghini Gallardo SUPERLEGGERA 5.0 V10 Is ULTRA FAST! Onboard Acceleration Test Drive On Autobahn WITH NO SPEED LIMIT!!!

This is the car that everybody has been searching for, the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. The name is going to ring in your ears hours after you will see of what it is capable of and what it can do on the road. The Lambo that has been out for about a year now has been the most desired cars among the gearheads and that comes with a reason. It is so fast, so loud and powerful as well. It is good to see this car out on the road and it is like amusement park when you are around it. We never thought that the Lamborghini Superleggera would be such a fun and adrenaline raising ride, but as it turns out it really is.

We can see the owner of the Lambo walking to the car. Entering in those beautiful and comfortable seats is like the dream come true for some people. For people that cannot afford to buy this car. But if you had the money you could not buy it because there was a long waiting list at the factory and some of the names didn’t even get their specimen of the car.

There is acceleration done with the Lamborghini Gallardo and let us tell you, get prepared for the adrenaline level to jump roof high. On the top of the screen there is the speedometer of the car, taken video of and it is shown just for us. The car is accelerating from 0 to 260 km/h so fast that it seems like it is driving 80 or something. The driver just pushed the gas pedal and there he goes, rocketing away on the highway passing every car in front. Keep in mind that this is only a test, if you do own one of these don’t push it to the limits, it is illegal.


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