Leaving The International Auto Show With Drifting, Burnouts And Crashes! SOME RECKLESS FUN Which Didn’t End Well For Everyone Involved!!!

What a better way to leave the international auto show than drifting and some burnouts too? This is what the drivers were thinking and that is what we were thinking too. That’s why this video has been made and that’s why we are going to show it to you. It is what is called the reckless behavior and it Is not recommended for the other drivers, what they did was done so nobody else should go their way and do these stunts that are dangerous.

After the big international auto show has been closed and all the cars got their review it is time to leave the crime scene. Or not yet, these cars and drivers still have to show something that couldn’t be done indoors. That’s why they are feeling like they have been in prison for three days and now they are finally out and they will blow some steam.

Seeing the Mercedes being equipped with only two seats drifting its tires out is a thrilling situation and only the drivers know what we mean. It has small space between the axles and it is much easier to drift and to make some donuts too. There are the spectators that are on the side of the road just waiting for something interesting to happen, like an accident or two, considering all the cars that are leaving the international auto show.

It is like the older cars have been revived and now they are ready to eat some the bones of a newbie. It had to be done, just to prove that the older tuned cars are better than the new ones that came out of the factory. Even though the specs are showing something else, it is much better to see them in action and after that judge them by the performance.


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