Lexus IS500 F Sport Performance Makes the Case for Driving

As our vehicles become more and more cautious, thanks to numerous driver aides, it’s easy to lose sight of the fun of driving.  The 2022 Lexus F Sport seems like the car that wants to buck that trend.


There’s something so exhilarating about letting loose in a car that actually has enough power to own the road.  Of course, it’s even more fun when the car looks the part. It’s even better when it’s a luxury car with amenities and technologies to spoil you.



Good Looks Promise Fun


The IS 500 F Sport has a sharp, sexy front end and some nips and tucks needed for aerodynamics.  To that, designers added subtle improvements for the Performance edition.  By raising the hood almost two inches, the engineers gained room to further sculpt the center character lines.  There’s more length to the bumpers and fenders, hinting at the muscles that this car has.


Rolling on special 10-spoke Enkei alloys, the IS 500 F Sport Performance reduces its unsprung weight by a pound per front wheel and two pounds per rear wheel.   Providing vital Lexus car service, the owner can take advantage of up to 12 months of wheel alignment and balancing. That’s always essential for keeping a sports car in top shape.


A V8 Sounds the Part


The Is 500 F Sport Performance gets a remarkable V8 engine.  The designers pulled a trick with this one because they managed to add only 143 pounds over the weight of the standard V6.  The output is 472 horsepower at 7,100 rpm.  At 4,800 rpm, it can achieve a peak torque rate of 395 pound-feet.


Among its enhancements, the car gets dual stacked tail pipes. This quad exhaust not only looks the part, it sounds it.  The standard sprint time is 4.5 seconds.  A push button gets the car started, and an updated startup animation signals readiness to the driver.


Clever Technology Goes to Work


While the V8 headlines this power package, there are other aspects that are subtler but essential to this car’s success. Driving enthusiasts will appreciate that engineers have borrowed the eight-speed automatic transmission that helps make the RC F such a star.  Called Sport Direct Shift, it features a lockup torque converter and advanced transmission mapping.


When you choose Sport+ mode, the car adjusts EPS steering assist.  It alters damping force and matches the updated engine settings. You can also use a custom mode that lets you alter the powertrain and chassis response.


An Adaptive Variable Suspension knows how to control the bounce.  Handling is further improved by a Torsen limited slip differential.  These two work together to improve cornering, turns, and even straight-line stability.


In the back, a Yamaha rear performance damper works to improve high-speed agility and low-speed comfort.  The larger brakes have aerodynamic cooling enhancements.


The IS 500 F Sport Performance definitely is hitting all the marks when it comes to the speed and character of a fast car.  For driving enthusiasts, it’s a signal that driving can still be fun even as aspects become more automated with the advanced Lexus Safety System.




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