LIFTED GORGEOUS 2011 Ford F250 Makes People Crazy Jealous! Feel That Massive Powerstroke Burnout!

And again and again we are talking about diesel power, and you’ve might noticed until now how much we appreciate the diesel power and how we are using just words of praise. We admit we are in secret love with the powerstroke diesel engines and that doesn’t depend on the vehicle.

We are exited from the black smoke that comes from the exhaust when gas pedal is on maximum and when the black smoke is interrupted while shifting gears, yeah, quite awesome thing.

This 2011 Ford F250 took our breath away, lifted, with extraordinary outlook and tires plus power stroke engine under the hood: 6.7-liter V8 powerstroke engine which is producing 375hp and has 800lb-ft of torque. Yeah baby, that’s mighty diesel performance.

This truck is ready for off-road and even on a drag race, yeah, watch how it burns the tires… oh, sorry you couldn’t see it from the white smoke that is hanging around.

Watch the video and enjoy the diesel power and this gorgeous Ford F250 heavy duty truck. Tell us in the comments what you think about it.


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