OMG – WANT THIS BADLY! The World’s Most Luxurious and Most Expensive House on Wheels!


The mobile home has a total area of 215 square meters, and with a dedicated drawer it can be increased to 430. The two-storied luxury mobile home weighs 20 tons, with a length of 12 m, height -- 4.11 m and it is divided into several sectors. To easily manage such vehicle the manufacturers installed under the hood of the 6-wheel palace a 510-hp engine with automatic transmission. Its top speed is 93 miles/h.

The “Sky Lounge” sector is located on the ground floor and serves as a relaxation area with massage chairs, parquet floor heating and a retractable bar, which opens at the push of a button. The second floor can be fitted in three versions, depending on the model chosen by the customer...CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE..WATCH THE FULL PHOTO GALLERY and ALL THE INFO..


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