Manual Transmission Tips YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW: 5 BAD Stick Shift Driving Habits YOU SHOULD AVOID In A Manual Transmission Car!!!

Who doesn’t like fast and angry manual transmission vehicle? We all love them and shifting gears is the best part of it. From first to last with high revs is the best feeling in the world and downshifting is great too. The engine braking is whole another thing with the manual transmission vehicle, they have their advantages. But some of the people don’t like a stick because they are too lazy to change a gear or they just don’t know how to do it. It takes a little thinking to change gears and some of the people just gave up and went automatic. What we have for you today are some very useful and beneficial manual transmission tips.

Here on this video made by the amazing YouTube channel Engineering Explained we have the 5 things that you should never do on a manual transmission vehicle. Our host will explain these manual transmission tips for you. All of us manual lovers are resting the hand on the gearshift. This is the most common mistake and it should never be done because consequences might come out of it. Applying some pressure on the gearshift while in gear you might damage the selection fork that is inside the gearbox. Now that is a thing that you don’t want to change every year, so take off your hand off the gearshift when you are done with it, just put it back on the steering wheel.

The best thing you can do while waiting on the traffic light is to put the gearshift in neutral and release the clutch. This step will make sure that the clutch will stay healthy for a long time. If you hold the clutch at the traffic light then you are just asking for trouble. The throw-out bearing will wear more quickly and it is such an expensive part to change on your car. These and three more things are covered in the video, just take note and stop doing them.


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