Florida Intenational Rally And Motorsports Park Is THE CAR ENTHUSIAST’S HEAVEN: Matt Farah In A 1994 Mazda Miata Fitted Only With A Roll Cage And Brake Pads Resulting In AMAZING DRIFT FUN!!!

We are proud to welcome you to the FIRM (Florida International Rally and Motorsports). The FIRM has its own property which is about 400 acres, where you are free in your intentions, drift don’t drift, watch the other drives how they drive on the tracks and maybe you will learn something new. As the owner says, the FIRM is the Gearheads fantasy land. It has 1.6 mile road course, autocross, it has over 40 miles of stage roads.

We think that it is more than enough to come here and test out your vehicle, and given the possibilities of the all-terrain, any kind of vehicle can be tested out here. The fun doesn’t end with racing though, here you can test your guns or machine guns, and they even have a jump made. We will test the 1994 “NA” Miata, equipped with 1.8 liter engine with maximum output power of 130 HP. The car is stock version, except for the security like a cage inside and upgraded brake pads. The car is not made for drifting, but because the track has sharp turns, the drives is able to drift it anyways.


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