Matte Black Nissan GT-R With Akrapovic Exhaust Is Just Pure Brilliance In Motion!!!

Here is a cool video from Mike. He is the owner of a new Car channel on YouTube called “Automotive Mike” and he has brought to us this amazing video of a Matte Black Nissan GT-R.

During the summer edition of Season Drive 2015 he was able to film this mind-blowing Nissan GT-R. What is special about this Nissan is that it has an Akrapovich exhaust under his body and you might even hear it while watching the short video. I do recommend all of you to take a look at this short clip of this amazing Nissan because the way the Nissan looks, it just might give you some kind of ideas om how you want to make your car look like, yes it is that good. It is fully covered in Matte Black and it has dark red stripes on the side of the body, and also the wheel rims are fully covered in red. In the video we can also see a few shots of the Nissan launching like a rocket on the local streets.

Be sure to play the video and also leave us some nice comments below. Enjoy!


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