Mechanic Max Polyakov Made a Luxury Murka Car from Impala’67

mechanic’s Max Polyakov Murka Chevrolet

Vehicles may experience several partial or complete breakdown. There are various reasons that would lead to the breakdown. However, the two types of breakdowns can be solved.

Max Polyakov and his luxury Murka vehicle

1. Murka car damages

   a) Weather destructions
Vehicles are exposed to weather elements such as hot sun, rain, storms and snowy winters. Those elements might wash away the colour of a car and this will cause rusting
Such damages are repaired by colouring and sanding any affected parts. If the tarnishing is too much, the rusted part may get cut and replaced.

   b) Paint scratches
When a car stays somewhere for long, it may get scratches. Such scratches may again happen because of carelessness mostly during carrying pointed items.
For minor scratches, rubbing alone can repair them. For huge scratches, computer-matched paint and body fillers must be used to repair.

   c) Dents
Dents come about from flying objects for instance when tiny rock parts hit the vehicle while it is being driven. A vehicle might additionally be hit by a large rock which can leave a big dent.
When the painting is not ruined, paintless dent clearance is used to fix the vehicle. In case of a big dent, a hole is created nearer to that dent and certain equipment is placed inside that hole to pool up the dent.

   d) Accident breakdowns
If your car gets involved in an accident, it might lead to having dents or it can get totally destroyed with tears and crooks. Ending up with a crooked frame is the most extreme destruction that mechanic Max Polyakov and other exceptional mechanics face since it might ruin the constructional integrity of an automobile.
PC-aided equipment is used in framing back to the right place. This equipment is also able to raise dents and colour a car again.

2. Murka

After twelve months, the totally ruined vehicle was now fully functional. Max Polyakov branded it Murka because it had a colour similar to that of his best cat.
Murka is now being used to transport heavy items, running errands, going to work and many other uses that have enabled Max Polyakov to save plenty of money.
Max Polyakov ensures to take care of Murka to avoid any damages. Also, he has ensured it.

Presently, Murka is in a good state and Max Polyakov makes use of it daily. The time he spent fixing its damages was worth it because it has improved his life a lot.


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