Meet ER W70 The Newest American Supercar! THE ALMIGHTY BEAST WILL BE UNVEILED AT SEMA 2015!!!

It was time the US continent to show its teeth to the Italian and German supercars! This time is for real and the W70 made by Florida base Exotic Rides Company is coming to SEMA 2015 and they are already taking pre-orders!

The company is existing for more than two decades but in the last couple of years they are working on their project, the W70 supercar, designed by the Australian designer David Williams who owned the company sympathies with the pre-designs in 2012 for the LaFerrari! From the pictures below you will be able to see the unique design which this Native American supercar owns!

The power plant is also a pure blooded American, LS7 7.0-liter V8 engine from Chevy rated to deliver more than 626HP when installed on this beast. The body is almost all carbon made, parts from the interior and the removable rear spoiler! The seats would be hand made from leather!

American supercar ER W70 front end American supercar ER W70 front three quarters American supercar ER W70 side view American supercar ER W70 top side view

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