MEET GERALD R. FORD: A Us Navy Aircraft Carrier Worth ONLY Measly 13 Billion Bucks!!!

How the technology moves forward the needs for more sophisticated war machinery are growing. It is simple, the opponents’ technology evolves too and if you want to keep the secure level of your country on the highest scale you need to invest money!

Meet USS Gerald R. Ford, the 1,100 feet long and 90,000 tons aircraft carrier powered by nuclear reactors which delivers 250% more power through steam pipes around the ship. Unlikely the other US carriers (Nimitz), the Gerald R. Ford features 3 aircraft elevators, improved electromagnetic lunch system which will allow 25% more fight missions! The accommodation is also improved with better air-conditioning and reduced for 25%. The operating cost are also reduced to some level.

The technological network inside the ship is enormous featuring 10 million electrical and 4 million optical cables!

This ship is the first of its kind because it is also virtually undetectable from the enemies. The US Navy plans to build two more aircraft carriers with even more improved technology also named as the past presidents, in 2018 will be launched John F. Kennedy and in 2023 Enterprise! Are these aircraft carriers cool enough? Play the video bellow to find out!


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