Why You Might Want to Consider a Scooter Rather Than a Motorbike

If you prefer two wheels to four then you may be tempted to get a motorbike, but you might find that a scooter is actually a much better option for you (at least initially). There are a handful of benefits to owning a scooter over a motorbike -- read on for a few of the main ones.


You Can Start Young

Many young people are desperate to get on the roads os that they can enjoy some freedom and independence. With a scooter, you can start learning at 16 which allows people to get on the road before a car (or motorbike) and this can actually be a brilliant way to learn about driving and develop key skills (and confidence).


Low Running Costs

Compared to a motorbike or a car, scooters are also cheap to run and this could save you a fortune over the long-term. Scooters are fuel-efficient so you will be making big savings at the pump and on tax, plus you will also find scooter insurance to be affordable as they are not as dangerous or powerful as a motorbike and it is easy to find quotes online.



Following this, the fact that scooters are fuel-efficient means that these are vehicles that are also environmentally-friendly compared to cars. In a time where many people are trying to reduce their impact, this is hugely important and will be a major appeal to many motorists.


Parts are Cheap

If your scooter were to breakdown at any point, it is incredibly easy to find spare parts and this also means that they are cheap too. The internet has made it easier than ever to diagnose and even repair your scooter, but of course there are times where it will need to be taken to the garage.



As a relatively simple vehicle, scooters are highly reliable and it is unlikely to let you down if the vehicle is well-maintained. When issues do arise, they are usually quick and easy to fix so you should not be off the roads for too long.


Easy to Drive

Scooters are also incredibly easy to drive and well-suited to all kinds of trips. They are perfect for short trips, you can nip through traffic, they are comfortable enough for longer journeys and you can even bring a friend along on the back.


As you can see, there are a handful of reasons to choose a scooter and for many people it is a great fit for their lifestyle as well as cost-effective.


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