MIND-BLOWING AUDI TRUCKS That Could Change The Future Of Big Rigs Forever! WOULD YOU RIDE THESE?!

Two designers from Eastern Europe presented a draft for Audi trucks of the future, which, according to their desire, would only carry the logo of Audi. Based on the different and surprising design of Audi these days, it is quite easy to imagine how a truck with four rings on it would look like.

The two designers, Artem Smirnov from Belarus and Vladimir Panchenko from Ukraine, decided to demonstrate the designers of Audi how to work and developed two concepts for Audi trucks which look better than any current model from Audi or any recent prototype of the company from Ingolstadt.

One of the trucks is intended for regular traffic, while the other is more of a “show” truck. Of course, it is not difficult to guess which is which, and whichever you prefer, you must admit that the ideas are very bold and interesting.

The initial intention for this project named “Truck for Audi” was to move in two separate directions – an autonomous electric truck designed for cruise on highways and an electric show truck – in order to see where they would get them and choose the better of the two. Finally, the designers were unable to reject either one and in the video below you can see why.

Although both studies are spectacular, we would not hesitate which one to choose: the insane oil tanker with off-road tires and cockpit like on a Formula 1 car for two drivers. Incredibly crazy, but wonderful.

The front of the truck resembles a smartphone, and probably has the aerodynamic coefficient of a one, but none of that is important when the truck looks so good.

So far there is absolutely no precise confirmation whether Audi will start producing trucks, not even in the distant future, but you certainly should not be surprised if, for example, Scania or MAN, which are part of the Volkswagen Group would recently come up with some similar study like this.


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