OMG – In The MIDDLE OF THA DAY!!! Modified Nissan GTR R35 ROARS at McLaren P1 In A Drag Race On Busy Street!

We know that street racing is illegal but now and then we see some supercars racing on the local streets.

In this video we have a McLaren P1 up against modded Nissan GTR R35. By watching it we can see that the owner of the McLaren P1 didn’t gave much of a try to beat the Nissan, he just easily kept a save near distance from the GTR, like a gentlemen. In the start they were going head to head with each other but after a few seconds the Nissan shifted gear before the McLaren and started going more and more aggressively faster on the street, and the McLaren kept a nice close distance from the GTR just to show him that he is not that fast and that the McLaren can go with the Nissan without even trying. To be honest I don’t think that that Nissan could ever beat the McLaren in a true drag race. Even if the Nissan GTR was modded he will still need some good improvements done to the engine and to the transmission to beat that beast of a car, McLaren P1. And just to mention that the guy who filmed all this, a certain YouTube user markis DeLaGhetto was driving a Mustang, so I think that it would have been more interesting if the Nissan and the Mustang tried each other.

But at the end it was an interesting video where we see how a Modded Nissan GTR beats a McLaren P1.


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