The MOST EPIC WAY to Ghost Ride a Car And Become A Living Legend!

Ghost riding is a game where a driver hops out of his moving vehicle and dances around. This trend originated from the San Francisco Bay Area years ago. We are not sure why it is still hanging around, but the fact is that videos we’ve seen so far are very entertaining and funny.

This time, we managed to find this footage of a guy who decided to elevate the game forever.

Just watch as the guy hops out from behind the wheel and slides down the slide in the back. It’s like he has agility and skills of a cat or a ninja.

This driver definitely raised the ghost riding game on a completely new level. It seems that all you need to won your place in the ghost ride hall of fame for all eternity is just a pickup truck and an ordinary park slide.

We are not quite certain whether the ghost rider did this more from creativity or stupidity, but one thing is definitely sure: it is something very interesting to see! So be sure to check out the video below and share your thoughts with us about it.


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