MUST SEE – INSANE RACE! Supercharged Corvettes, A Larger Blower ZL1 Camaro, And A Supercharged Viper Attacking The Streets Of Texas!

We introduce you the club of mighty superfast Corvettes which are on a mission to conquer the state of Texas and bring the glory to the American super cars manufacturers.

Yeah, not all the cars in the club are Corvettes but they adopted few others with American blood, a Camaro ZL1 and Dodge Viper.

This time their mission is conquering the streets in Texas and burning the asphalt there. When we first saw the numbers which introduce the engines we thought that this is club 700 and soon you will find out why. But they had mercy and accepted the little brothers who don’t fit the numbers.

The red dragon Corvette C7 is the leader of the group because it has the strongest engine with 757 hp, yeah you will see in the video.

The silver Corvette has 700 hp, the black nitrous Corvette has 630 hp, the silver Corvette has 700 hp, the blue Corvette Z06 has 600 hp, the white Corvette C5 has 585 hp and the Camaro ZL1 has 750 hp.

More than 3.000 horses were running on the highways in Texas, incredible sound causing storms instantly.

Watch the video and enjoy the Corvettes attack on Texas we are sure you will like it. Tell us what you think in the comments.


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