PINK DRIFTING SMOKE EVERYWHERE!!! Naked Turbocharged Beast Is Terrorizing The Streets In Finland With Scary Drift!

Maybe he is naked but at least he has a style! Yeah, so much raw power needs to be exposed and that strong muscles shown to the world! Exactly our beast in the video doesn’t have shame to introduce himself in full light!

But he went too far, besides the fact he is shameless and might offend someone with his high self-confidence he is terrorizing the streets in Finland! On the beginning he seemed like only-naked drifting beast but once he started he unleashed the hell from the naked engine, spinning wildly around the roundabout and releasing red toxic smoke mixed with tires smoke!

That was a real horror only for watching, but can you imagine the suffering on the people who were watching him, he poisoned them. Yeah you will see that he left the place after he spent the toxic red smoke and polluted everything around!

Some cars are made to terrorize, especially they are more common between the drifting cars and we are not surprised at all! The drifting engineering advanced to level which threats the existence of the other cars on our planet! Enjoy the wild terrorizing drift folks at the Vauhdin Festivaali Kankaanpää in Finland!


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