Why do you need the running board in the car, and what is it used for?

One of the elements of the body kit is aerodynamic running boards. They protect the car from side damage and also serve for a convenient landing-disembarkation of the driver and passengers.

Previously, only SUVs and jeeps had running boards. Currently, there is an increasing interest in them from the owners of conventional cars. And this is no accident because the running boards on the vehicle are considered a beneficial and even necessary element, not to mention that they add more attractiveness and completeness to the car’s appearance.

Most car running boards are shaped like pipes. Their flat places are covered with non-slip materials so that a person standing on them does not slip. The second type of running boards is a step that is attached to the pipe. A great option for Dodge RAM 1500. Car running boards have built-in platforms for winching and installing additional lights and other equipment.

What are the benefits of the running boards?

  • First, it’s protection. Despite its modest dimensions, running boards on cars are not the last place in the list of ways to protect the car body from external threats. This is also the shoes mentioned above because not only a woman’s heel but even the hard sole of men’s shoes can leave scratches on the car body. They get moisture and chemical reagents applied to the road surface in winter, which cause corrosion and destroy the metal of the car body. Even the restoration of paintwork requires additional time and money, which is unlikely to please anyone.
  • Secondly, it’s a convenience of landing. Here many, and especially low profile car owners, may object that you need to raise your feet higher and watch where you put them. But this is only said by men who have never worn stilettos and have already forgotten what it is like to be a child. And if you are not an avid bachelor who avoids any communication with other people, then it is unlikely that you will find it superfluous to make boarding a car for your family and friends more convenient and comfortable with the help of running boards.
  • And, of course, you can not discount the aesthetic side. A large car equipped with running boards or pipes looks much more substantial. Properly selected running boards can decorate the exterior of the vehicle, and this is especially effective when the running boards are engraved with the car brand.
  • As a rule, any car owner can personally install running boards and some other attachments. A set of fasteners and instructions are attached to models that are sold in car shops. Certain places are defined for the running boards. Specially designed brackets are connected to the car body, and the running board is fixed on them.
  • Correctly installed running boards are quite strong structures that can withstand a load of up to 150-200 kilograms.

What features of running boards should be considered?

It is worth remembering that these accessories have certain features that should be taken into account when purchasing. So, running boards must be made of high-quality acid-resistant materials. It is not worth buying low-quality parts made in China from thin-bodied metal, because it is just money thrown away. Over time, this part will become unusable or will be damaged even when the passenger is boarding. In the case of mechanical damage, you can forget about the protection of the body.

The second thing to take into account: when buying the running board, it is essential to buy the one that was made for a particular brand and model of car. Only an adequately selected part can guarantee a high-quality installation of the product. Finally, the most important thing is to choose the manufacturer of the right part.

If your car doesn’t have running boards yet, then you need to buy them soon.


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