This Is INSANE! Nissan GT-R GTT 1000 takes three races to prove its power! Check it out!

You will notice on the video that in one of the races the GTR slowed down after knowing he had the win. Listen to the sound of the exhaust and watch just how he eased through the traps…majestic sight.

Maybe this is because the Nissan is built just for speed. Nissan GTR is definitely THE best car Nissan has ever produced, while the C class is not the best model that Mercedes build. So, why waste money on speed when all you’re going to get in reality are just speeding tickets…

nissan gt-r gtt 1000 vs nissan gt-r boostlogic godzilla

Still, the just question is there: is there a decent competitor for the GT-R? Can another car beat it? Well, I would say this: the only thing that can beat the GTR is another GTR!


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