Nissan GTR Vs Lamborghini And Some Other UNFORTUNATE V8 Cars!!! This MONSTER Of A 1200hp GT-R Is A FREQUENT FLYER!!!

Rather unusual race will be held and the Nissan GTR vs Lamborghini will be the event of the day. It is not a common race because the GTR is coming all upgraded and tuned up and the Lambo as we know it is coming too strong with the factory settings on it. Will this be a fair race? It is up to the drivers to show what they know and what they got under the hoods. If the Nissan GTR vs Lamborghini race isn’t fair than what is? It is time for the GTR to show the place for the Lambo and put an end on the stock racing cars forever.

These people have gone through a lot of pain to get the setup of the GTR as it is now and the Lambo just was bought out of the plant like that. There is a 1200 HP rating on the Nissan GTR T1 and will it be enough? We can see previous wins of the GTR that has been taking down a turbo CTS-V on the drag strip with no problems at all. After the Cadillac CTS-V there is a turbocharged Camaro that came on the drag race to try and take down the GTR but no luck at all. It is like this 1200 HP GTR is the ultimate drag racer.

It is time for the twin turbocharged Lamborghini to try and win the race against the so powerful Nissan GTR. Will the driver of the Lambo beat the one sitting in the winning GTR? It is up to him and to the twin turbo setup under the hood, showing all the power they got on this race.

This is the best race that Nissan GTR vs Lamborghini has gone down and the driver of the Lambo just couldn’t believe what just happened there.


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