COMING STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL ITSELF: Nissan Skyline R34 Makes A HUGE DRIFT And BURNOUT With Infernal Flames Included!!!

Talk about a really incredible performance shown by this Nissan Skyline GTT R34! Oh yes, we always love to see this epic car proving that it absolutely rules the world of performance cars with all its might and glory. Long live the one and only Nissan Skyline!

Thanks to our friend, YouTube user AdamC3046 we get the chance to witness one extraordinary Nissan Skyline GTT R34. He filmed this car at Reading Jap Meet. He was very impressed by the Godzilla due to that beautiful drift and burnout as it drove off. According to Adam this GTR is a purpose-built car intended for drifting, with 500+ horsepower running under the hood. That is quite a power to enable the wheels to burn those tires and leave their signature on the asphalt.

I say to you my friends, it is simply impossible to not love the sound of that evil turbo. This is definitely one amazing video which will create a deep and strong desire inside you to buy yourself a Nissan Skyline. Don’t worry, it will do good for you. Having a Nissan Skyline in your hands is the best thing you can possibly imagine. And here is the reason why. Enjoy the video friends!


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