Nitro Jam Meets The Mustang Pro Stock With A HUGE BIG BLOCK V8 Running At Around 6 Low Seconds! The Development Of This Brand Is TOO IMPRESSIVE!

Seeing this Mustang Pro Stock car at the IHRA Nationals Nitro Jam racing event is the best thing that has happened there for a while now. Pacing to the finish line this car has shown such a great performance that rarely another car can show off with.

Being a great drag racer with so much HP under the hood all the people that were watching the event went wild for this ride. The driver is one happy man that is doing the best job in the world, racing at the Nitro racing all the time and winning races too. There is the cockpit view of the car that looks like a space shuttle inside. With all the buttons that are going to make this car much faster and featuring the most important one, the nitrous switch that is going to boost the car even faster towards the finish line.

Love the nitrous smell so it will get you through the day? This is the one that is going to make the best noise and the best run on the track, smelling that NOS is raising the adrenaline level and making the hands shake a little bit.

Not the hands only, the legs of the other drivers are going to shake when they realize that they will have to race against the Mustang Pro Stock with the nose sticking out of the hood. The nose serves for the air intake that has been custom built and now it is performing much better than with the stock one on it.

There are the drag racing wheels on the car too, making it look bad to the bone from the start. It is the first look that you land on the car and it leaves a great feeling, making you believe that the Mustang is going to win all races at the Nitro racing event.


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