Nitro Powered RC Bikes At The RC-Bike Worlds in Lostallo, Switzerland?! How Cool! I’m Looking Into These RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!

And just when you think that you have seen everything about R/C vehicles there is to see, we come into play with another R/C video that will totally blow your mind. Allow us to introduce you with these amazing little Nitro powered mini RC motorcycles that come complete with a rider!

These little R/C bikes ride just like the real ones, and even sound pretty powerful too! But, what really impressed us about this footage are the skills that it would take to ride these tiny powerful beasts around the track without wrecking them constantly. We got to give it to them, that’s some precise driving alright.

This is a video footage that covers scenes of the rostrum, start and several laps of the 2011 Nitro Finals at the RC-Bike Worlds event that took place in the small municipality of Lostallo, Switzerland.

The only thing that would make this video even better that it already is to have better camera angles and record all the fun during the race! I think it would be cool if they had an R/C helicopter with a GoPro camera following and recording the race.


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