Nitrous Ram Cummins Dyno Explosion At MONSTROUS 2168 HP! Seems Like This Guy Likes To Blow His Truck Up :) LOL

Having output of 2168 HP the nitrous Ram Cummins had the explosion that ruined and ashamed the team which built it. Well after all it had to happen after having all that power and not being able to use in on the run. Here at the dyno pull t is obvious that the truck had to do something, and it chose the worst way to unleash all its power. The people that are waiting for the pull are so excited that they are not paying attention to the video that they are taking with their phones, they are obsessed with the Cummins engine of the Dodge Ram and they cannot take their eyes off of it.

And we don’t blame them, the nitrous abled Ram Cummins has the best looking and the best performing engine that could be found on these trucks. One NASCAR engine could pull half of the 2168 HP of the Dodge Ram that we are looking at. They can only watch and learn how an engine is built and run too. The two thousand HP number on the engine means a lot, it means that this is one truck that can beat them all, and the trucks, the cars and the monster trucks as well. The team at Toxic Diesel Performance has to change the tires to race type ones and they are good to go on a drag race. Then switch back to the cross country and go into the rough terrain. Who will judge, we are certainly not. This power needs to be used somehow and the hill climbing could be the best idea that comes to our mind.

When another build like this comes in our way we will show it too, but until then this nitrous powered Ram Cummins is taking the main spot this week, month maybe.


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