PAUL WALKER‘S TOYOTA Supra From The Fast And The Furious Sold For AN INCREDIBLE PRICE Of $200,000!!!

Paul Walker drove some really nice and fast rides while he was alive, and this fourth generation Supra is one of them.

This is no ordinary Supra like you can see in the today’s market sold for $4000 or something, this is really worth one and it was sold for staggering $200, 000.

This amount is very high for any Supra out in the world but the fact that this particular one was in the Fast and the Furious movie and it was driven by the very popular Paul Walker raised its prize quite a bit. This is highly customized car because it was used for stunt scenes so we know what is hiding inside of it.

There is a heavy duty suspension mounted on it to survive all the jumps that were made with it, there is a strengthened fuel tank to keep the fuel more secure and there is a full roll cage inside of it.

Walker ‘s Supra from Fast and Furious front end Walker ‘s Supra from Fast and Furious front three quarters Walker ‘s Supra from Fast and Furious rear three quarters

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