Is Peoplenet ELD a Good Choice?

The recent ELD mandate, which requires any trucks and commercial vehicles in which driver’s hours need to be recorded to be fitted with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD), has led to major changes in the industry. Whereas a truck could legally be fitted with a paper recording device, now the law requires an ELD, which is an entirely digital recording device offering greater accuracy and a wider range of functions. If you drive a truck and do not have an ELD fitted, you are breaking the law, so it is essential that you get hold of one right away.

They are easy to fit and use, and usually work via a smartphone app.


The new law means that the market for ELD‘s has become one of the fastest-growing of all, with many manufacturers offering their own ELD models, so which one is for you? One of the longest established ELD’s is the Peoplenet, which has been around – and used by many drivers and fleets – since as long ago as 1994. But how does it stand up in today’s market? Let’s have a look at it and see if it might be the choice for you.


About Peoplenet


The first benefit of the Peoplenet ELD is that it has been constantly developed since its introduction in 1994, in order to keep it in line with newer brands that began arriving on the market. Peoplenet is a premium device with many features that are impressive and welcome, and one that has many supporters. What are the benefits of choosing this model over some of the others? Here’s a brief list for you:


  • Long established company and well-developed device
  • Might be familiar to some of a fleet’s drivers as it has been around a while
  • Full network back-up
  • Advanced features compared to some other ELD’s
  • Can be customized for different industry usage
  • Reports say it is generally reliable


From that list, you can see that the Peoplenet offers a great deal of appeal to fleets and individual truckers, but are there any drawbacks? If you want to see more details of the Peoplenet ELD, we recommend you read the review at as it is comprehensive and thorough. To help you right now, here are a few of the negative aspects that might affect you.


Features, Cost and Other Negatives


The first thing we should say about the Peoplenet ELD is that it comes complete with all the legally required reporting features, and many more besides. These include:

  • Hours of Service logging and reporting
  • GPS tracking
  • Fuel usage
  • Mileage tracking
  • Maintenance and management reporting
  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics

These are just a few of the features that you will have access to, while fleet managers may also make use of driver behavior tracking – in terms of speeding, unnecessary braking, and so on – and more. The comprehensive features offered by the Peoplenet ELD are second to none, having been added to and refined across the years, so it is certainly worth looking at in more detail.


Now, some of the potential pitfalls of the Peoplenet. We mentioned earlier that ELD’s are usually easy to set up and use. The Peoplenet requires a specialist to install it, unlike most others that simply plugin and are ready to go. Then, there’s the cost.


Prices for ELD’s vary greatly, as do available price plans. With some, there is an upfront fee to pay – usually a couple of hundred dollars – and then a monthly usage fee. With others, there is no upfront fee, just a monthly pay as you use charge, and some you simply pay a fee, and then that is it.


The Peoplenet ELD comes with a $1200 subscription fee – that is for each vehicle – plus a $43 (at the time of writing) monthly fee. This ranks as one of the very highest in the ELD market, but you are getting a fully customizable unit that is efficient and offers more functions than most.


Is it for you? That depends on whether you want the many features that the Peoplenet ELD offers over other options, and if you can afford the price.


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