Pocket Bikes Stunts Performed By A LITTLE BOSS! This Kid Will Teach You WHAT REAL GUTS IS!!!

These small pocket bikes are incredible machines, so small, so compact but you can still do stunts if you can fit its size! Some of them are 49cc but there are also improved pocket bikes like the X-18R based on Honda’s 110cc engine with 15.5HP! More than enough power for that 149lbs little monster.

We are always amazed when we hear that sharp sound from those small engines which is reminding us on chainsaw sound. Maybe sounds funny but that sound is irreplaceable, plus if in the picture fits some stunt which is causing that small engine to sweat we are totally seduced.

Something similar happened on this video below. The small Asian boy was handling his pocket bike like a boss. If you’ve ever watched the movie Biker Boyz the little guy is copying them or possibly preparing for some next instalment for the same movie or the newest Fast & Furious 8.

Everything is fine on the video, the boy knows how to ride pocket bikes, he is aware about the control, the weight ratio when he is climbing the tail, said simpler he is paying attention to all the small details which make the stunt what it is which is astonishing for a guy on his age. What we noticed here is that the small boy is not wearing a helmet!

Please don’t you ever let your kids ride without helmet even if they are like Valentino Rossi with the bikes! If they get used riding without helmet many things can happen and we don’t even want to talk about them here, just be cautious!

Now hit play on the video and enjoy the pocket bike wheelies while the little boss is removing his one hand from the handlebars. Hell of a kid with bad parents!


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