Porsche 356 With 1 MILLION MILE MARK Looking As Good As New! Guy Newmark Is The Owner Of A Porsche 356 WITH A LEGENDARY STORY!

According to some statistics, out of all the 76,000 units produced from the Porsche 356, the first production model of the company, almost half are still on the roads. This particular sample belonging to Guy Newmark from California is something special. Guy Newmark and his Porsche 356 have been inseparable friends for half a century and together they have spent a whopping 1.6 million kilometers.

Namely, his Porsche 356 nicknamed Blue has recently shown on the mileage dial an incredible mark of one million miles – 1.6 million kilometers. The car is 52 years old, its owner is 72, and he received it as a gift from his father when he graduated.

Despite advances in the auto industry, it is still difficult to find a vehicle that would managed to go a million miles. They are usually older specimens known for their longevity, and sometimes a real “athlete” joins the club of selected members.

This time the Porsche 356 entered the club of best, which is a living proof of the superiority of the product and the top mechanical engineering, but also an evidence of a lifestyle that includes regular maintenance and many, many happy miles. The secret to the longevity of this Porsche, claims the proud owner, besides the standard German reliability lies also in its daily use and proper maintenance.

Replacement of oil and other consumables are performed on every 5,000 kilometers, and for more than 40 years it has been taken care of by the same mechanics. The rest of the maintenance is done as needed, whereas the mild California climate certainly contributes to the longevity of the materials, and thus the entire vehicle.

Guy Newmark says that he will drive his beloved Porsche 356 as long as he’s alive. Talk about genuine love and appreciation for a car.


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