Is It Possible To Buy A Reliable Used Car At A Dealership For Under $2000?

When you buy a used car you are buying someone else’s problem — or are you? $2000 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but if you are just starting out on your own or looking for a vehicle that can get you from one place to another without any bells or whistles, then buying a reliable used car might just be the best bet.

The problem is that with the shortage of used cars Langley BC available in Canada, $2000 just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to, and it might put you in competition with others who are car-poor and also looking for something just to get them from point A to point B.

Shopping for your first car can be simultaneously exciting and disappointing. Young people who think they have finally saved up enough to get wheels of their own might be shocked by the few cars that they have to choose from — and even more surprised by their quality. Many have stars in their eyes when it comes to mileage and condition and aren’t being realistic about what is out there and what their money will get them.

According to the Canadian Black Book, cheap vehicles that are a good deal are few and far between. While most previous generations have started with beater cars that were nothing luxurious, the cars available for this generation’s first-time buyers are much more limited and not nearly as reliable as in the past. For the first time in history, $2000 is a really hard price point to shop around on as car prices have risen so much in the last few decades.

It isn’t that you can’t find a car for $2000; it is just that if you do, you are probably going to have to throw a lot more money at it — not for upgrades, but just to make it run. At that price point, you are looking at a car that has an excess of 200,000 miles on it, and for most cars, that is a critical point to its extended survival. At the 200,000-mile range, you have to worry about things like the drivetrain and other repairs that can cost more than the car is worth.

Instead of buying at the $2000 range

If you want to purchase a reliable car, as a first-time buyer, you would be better off either saving your money until you can afford a car worth somewhere around $6000 to $7000, or financing the additional funds needed for an upgrade. It might not be easy to wait or to borrow money, but in the long run, you will end up with fewer risks and repairs if you put the additional money into buying a used car. If you spend more, then you don’t run as much of a risk of throwing your money away if the car can’t be repaired at all.

If you are going to buy any car

If you are going to pay for any car, whether it is $2000 or $7000, there are some crucial steps you can take to provide you with some additional security against buying a lemon. The first “must” is to research Consumer Reports and search the Canadian Black Book, both to check the research on the car and the reputation of the seller. It isn’t one or the other — checking out both is critical to not being ripped off.

You will also want to consider buying from a reputable used car dealership in Langley Canada, instead of a third party you can’t research and against whom you would have no recourse should something go terribly wrong. If a dealership is concerned about their customers’ satisfaction, you are probably going to get more assurance that you aren’t being taken for a ride.

Also, check the history of the car through a history report to find out if the title is clear and to make sure that the vehicle doesn’t have a salvaged title. Finally, don’t jump the gun or make an emotional purchase. Take the time necessary to make sure that you are covering all your bases before you sign on the dotted line.

It isn’t that you can’t get a car for $2000; it is just that you might not want to take the risk. A $2000 car comes with a lot of risks that can end up leaving you both carless and penniless.



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