POWER WHEELS MADNESS JUMP For The Honor Of All American Rednecks!!! This Is How You Enter History…OR BREAK YOUR NECK!!!

Making such a hilarious video that could go viral with a power wheels car was not the intention of these people here at all. They just wanted to make a stunt that will be thrilling to watch over and over again and to admire the move and courage that the driver has. Now all of that is gone and we are only replaying this video to have a one more laugh at them. The driver didn’t even dream about these power wheels to get airborne but that is exactly what happened here. Flying off the ramp was not the intention but when it came there was no way out of it.

For all the security sake there were air mattresses placed on both sides of the ramp so that the driver would land safely on them without injuring himself. But the one who built the ramp didn’t think about all the power that the wheels have and the launching power too. The angle is too sharp on the ramp and there was no way other than flying. The driver was as surprised as the viewers on the side which were not expecting this jump too.

After the host YouTube user 1puglife showed us the rig that they have built now it is time for the best part of the video. Starting the power wheels was ordered by a whistle from the host and the driver fired up immediately. Then there was a run for speed and when the cart got the desired launch speed it started climbing the ramp. Now the best moment comes when the driver realizes that he has gone too fast on it and he is going to jump on the other side missing the landing platform totally. Maybe no broken bones for him but if he tries this one more time injuries will come for sure.


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