Talk ABOUT a REAL CAMPER!!! The Powerhouse Coach Has The Muscle Of A Semi Truck And The Luxury Of A Palace!

In the United States, everything is larger. Soda bottles, pizzas and mobile homes. However, this recreational vehicle called Powerhouse Coach may be the most extreme I have ever seen. According to cosumergarage the Powerhouse Coach is the equivalent for humans of the shell of the snail … but the comparison stops there!

This recreational vehicle on steroids has a powerful engine capable of pulling a load of 38,000 pounds plus a boat! It can accommodate 8 people, the coach has a full bathroom, 3 TVs, satellite TV and wireless internet. To do this, a system worth $ 8,000 ensures to keep in touch with a satellite for optimal signal.

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In the trailer there’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee, two quads and standard bikes. Accommodation section broadens once you’ve parked it and then up to eight people can live quite comfortably. The overall length of the rig is over 37 meters.

“If you get where you’re going and you don’t have your toys with you, it’s pretty tough to have fun,” says the owner of this incredible machine – Doug Tolbert from Idaho. The vehicle is now on sale for the incredible price of 650,000 U.S. dollars. See this machine on the following video.


10 thoughts on “Talk ABOUT a REAL CAMPER!!! The Powerhouse Coach Has The Muscle Of A Semi Truck And The Luxury Of A Palace!

  1. Anthony Purkapile

    i would love to have one of them just the camper not need the boat

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Glad you like this truck Anthony. It sure looks amazing. Here is the official page of the company that makes these trucks where you can find more info.

  2. Penny

    Where are you able to park this? It won’t fit on a “normal” campsite will it?

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      You’re probably right Penny. But you can always use it for going deeper into the wilderness and have a great camping time there.

  3. Marilyn Lampman

    Looks like something that Donald Trump would show off with. Can’t imagine camping in it. Not where we go on the Baja.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Who knows, maybe Donald Trump himself would find this Powerhouse to be just perfect for him 🙂

  4. Henk

    Great truck but;
    Awful job on the roofing/solarpanels. That could use a bit more attention to detail.
    White silicone rubber or what? In a hurry to finish the job?

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Thanks for your comment Henk. I’m sure the maker of the Powerhouse Coach would use them to make all the necessary improvements.

  5. Alan

    Oh I know…lets see if just one guy can beat everyone at being the most eco-unfriendly person on the planet!

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well I agree with you Alan that we must keep our environment clean. In general, I like the idea of such a vehicle like the Powerhouse Coach because of what it offers. It would be even better if it’s eco-friendly. Maybe someday that too will happen.

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