This Is Some Professional Loading Of A Motorbike! WITNESS The ULTIMATE STUPIDITY In Action!

The docks for cargo ships are equipped with cranes and heavy lifters to load the stock without any damage as possible. Yeah, we are humans and sometimes we all make mistakes. If you remember the article about the cars which were damaged, it just happens.

When you try to load a motorbike on a ship we think that it is not so complicated procedure plus you have a crew of 10 people and all that for a 50cc motorbike.

The scene is ideal: the ship is near the dock on less than 3 meters distance, so all you need is to put one track where you will pass the light-weight motorbike. Yeah, one track not two.

And why we said one and not two, because the experienced crew in the video will try to transfer the bike over the water passing between the two tracks and you will see what happens next. We haven’t seen such professionalism and mastery like this before. I wonder if these guys teach classes in cargo loading. Watch the video to see the motorbike loading onto the ship, we hope that not all motorbikes are washed first before sending them to the potential new owners.


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