The Pros Of Having A Motorcycle License

The pros of having a motorcycle license

If you’re considering getting a motorcycle license, you probably already have some specific perks in mind. Perhaps you’ve heard enough stories of the exhilarating experience of driving on the open road that you’re ready to give the biker life a try yourself.

Are you still weighing up your options? Let’s make things a little bit easier for you. Consider the following seven advantages of having a motorcycle license!

1. Lower costs than larger vehicles

One of the simplest reasons to get a motorcycle license is the money you’ll save on vehicle costs. The average cost for a new small car in Australia sits around $22,990 while roadbikes only start from around $5,000 depending on the type and make of the model.

Any quality vehicle is going to cost you a bit, but you stand to spend far less on a motorcycle than you would on a car or a truck. Motorcycles are also less expensive to repair or replace if they get hit.

Low maintenance costs also make motorcycle insurance more affordable than car insurance. Although you will have to purchase accessories and riding gear for safety. So keep those in mind when you calculate the potential cost of motorcycle ownership.

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2. Fuel efficiency

Motorcycle fuel efficiency is a big perk that deserves to be addressed all on its own! If you find yourself grimacing every time you fill up a car or truck at the pump, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you top up your motorcycle.

Motorcycles usually get significantly better gas mileage than cars do. This fuel efficiency often places them on top in terms of efficiency despite their max capacity of two passengers.


3. Variety of bikes and riding styles

Once you get your motorcycle license, you’ll have tons of different options to choose from. Standard and cruiser motorcycles are ideal for road travel, with touring motorcycles being ideal for long distances.

If you’re the type who enjoys long joyrides on paved roads, then these might be where you’ll want to start. If you’re more of an adventurous type, then you might want to head straight for motorcycles designed to go off-road.

Off-road motorcycles are often referred to as “dirt bikes” in reference to their ability to traverse unpaved paths and rough terrain. Normal road bikes simply can’t handle rough surfaces like a dirt bike can.


4. Better maneuverability

An often-overlooked advantage of driving a motorcycle is maneuverability. When you get a feel for your first bike, you’ll have the ability to cut a path out of danger much more effectively than you can in a car.

In addition to being able to change directions quickly, motorcycles can also stop much more effectively. A motorcycle’s braking ability comes down to the fact that they weigh significantly less. So in most cases, you should be able to stop short and avoid collisions.


5. A sense of community

Motorcyclists share a unique culture and are often willing to exchange advice, support, and stories of their travels. If you get your motorcycle license and become involved in the local biker community, you’ll open yourself up to all sorts of enriching experiences.

Many people report feeling an increased sense of purpose after joining a local motorcycle club. You’ll also find a lot of motorcycle clubs frequently get involved in supporting local community groups.


6. Improved parking opportunities

Parking convenience is often one of the most overlooked advantages of driving a motorcycle. You’re bound to appreciate it though when the time comes.

You’ll have an easier time parking a motorcycle in unmarked lots. Motorcycles only take about half as much room as cars do, so you’ll rarely be unable to find a spot.


7. The ride is downright thrilling

There are plenty of compelling points to be made in favour of getting your motorcycle license. However, it can be argued that the greatest of all might perk may simply be the thrill of the ride itself.

Just about anyone who’s driven a motorcycle will vouch for the fact that there’s nothing like feeling the wind whip around you while you drive down an open stretch of road.

Additionally, if off-road riding is more your style, then there’s no substitute for the sense of freedom that your dirt bike provides when you explore rugged terrain uninhibited.


To Recap:

There are plenty of benefits to getting your motorcycle license and hitting the road. Your wallet will definitely thank you—not only when you purchase and maintain your vehicle, but when you fill up the fuel tank as well.

You’ll also be more able to maneuver yourself safely through traffic and out of harm’s way when necessary, and have far less trouble finding a place to park.

With so many different riding styles and motorcycle varieties out there to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find the right fit for you. Lastly, don’t forget the sense of community and camaraderie with other bikers that you’ll experience alongside the pure thrill of the ride!

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