RC ADVENTURE With Toyota FJ By HPI Racing – While Checking The Local Polish Trails This Cool Off-Road RC Model Got SLIGHTLY SOILED :)

FJ Cruiser is one massive and powerful SUV. It was made by the Toyota company, that is known as one of the best SUV companies in the world. It has V6 engine and wheel size of 17′ diameter and 7.5′ of width. With these wheels and towing capacity of 4,700 Ibs we can go anywhere we want with this jeep. The Toyota Cruiser was made for off-road and we can say that no matter who you are, there is always a Toyota SUV that is ready for you to start your adventure.

This is a short video of that how this monster goes on an adventure in the mountain or any bumpy road. The Cruiser is one of the strongest SUVs, but this vehicle is not only powerful but a beauty too. The whole design looks amazing; we do not have enough words to describe the interior and exterior. If you are considering of buying this monstrous vehicle then you should react quick, because now the Toyota FJ Cruiser is on a discount and it would be a perfect deal for you. Toyota gives special offers and advantages to all owners of Toyota vehicles. We hope that you will like this little tutorial of Cruiser driving off-road.


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