REAL FLYING DRAGON In The Sky – CARF SU-31! SPECTACULAR FLIGHT OF REAL Big SU-31 At Modellairfield Ikarus In Austria!

Maybe he is scaled but he is not small and he can leave the ground in just a couple of seconds. He is the miracle of the engineering. We think that we can’t describe more beautifully our flying dragon, CARF SU-31!

Let’s begin with the engine starting, yeah, the good old-fashioned way with the hands. You need to movie instantly the propeller on the front in order the engine to start ringing. And once he was started he shout our mouths and we were just listen surprised. We didn’t expect that, pure engine sound, damn it sounds like a naturally aspirated V8 engine. And when the gas of the engine was raised from the controller he released the hell from him, a real adrenaline!

But he is not just a shy flier, he is an acrobat and can perform really stunning air spins which the real planes do. And when he can accomplish that with such an ease you know that the flying speed is not a problem for him.

Real masterpiece gentlemen. Now play the video bellow and enjoy it! This CARF SU-31 scaled airplane will blow your mind. By the way, we are not an experts for airplane engines but do you know which engine this flying dragon is using?


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