REAL LIFE Street Fighter Car Bonus Stage: Check Out This Guy Destroying A VW Polo!

Do you remember the famous Street Fighter video game? In this game in order to get the bonus you needed to demolish few cars in given time frame. Yeah it was fun on the game but how about doing that in real life?

Honestly, it sounds painful. But this passionate street fighter called Paul “The Kicking Machine” Wordsworth is not afraid of the scrap metal and took the assignment seriously, demolishing VW Polo in 2 minutes.  Yeah, it definitely sounds crazy!

We were asking where is his strength and toughness coming from, is it from 5,1 feet height, his 85 kg weight or his rare blood type, 0.

But admit it, he got some moves, yeah, fast ones. And he knows like a professional fighter from where to start, and he started from the hood of the VW Polo revealing the engine with some angry punches, next he blinded the opponent and continued punishing it.

Watch the video and tell us what you think about this challenge, human vs. machine, is it worth it recording it and publish on YouTube?


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