REVOLUTIONARY E-CHARGER Is A New Hybrid System That Could WORK ON ANY CAR! ‘Electronic Supercharger’ That Boosts Power Without Sacrificing Fuel Economy!

The E-Charger is undoubtedly one of the most unique electric hybrid systems we’ve seen so far. Nowadays, electric cars have become more and more popular in daily transportation and as they perfect the vehicles, it is not very hard to see the reason why. Yet, some people are simply not that happy with this technology or prefer to stay true to their roots and keep their traditional internal combustion engines.

This time, we take a closer look at an innovative power-adding system which is designed to transform a standard combustion engine into a hybrid one equipped with an add-on assembly that has the potential to skyrocket the car’s efficiency.

This is a new and revolutionary bolt-on technology that gives more power to the engine without any emissions or sacrificing fuel economy. This system applies stored energy via the electric motor to help the internal combustion when more power is needed.

The guys at the YouTube channel FullBoost did an interview with Johnathan Goodwin from the company at this year’s edition of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, to get some answers from him and a demonstration on how their ‘electronic supercharger’ actually works.

In the video we get to see a specific application of the E-Charger, where an LSX engine is aided in making more power. Essentially, the E-Charger hybrid system takes a load off of the engine so now the engine works less hard which provides the car better fuel economy in the long run. Sounds cool to you?

What do you think of this cool innovative technology? Maybe the E-Charger would change the process of power increase as we know it. Do you believe the time has come to switch everything in the world of cars to electricity-based technology and solutions?

Check out the E-Charger hybrid system in the following video and let us know what you think of its application. Would you yourself try the E-Charger in your car? If everything works out well, the E-Charger could turn out to be a very promising piece of technology.


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